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General Litigation

Harvey Behme & Associates, P.C. Law Firm

Mount Vernon, Illinois

Located in Mount Vernon, Illinois, the Harvey Behme & Associates, P.C. Law Firm is highly experienced in civil litigation. Contact our civil litigation attorneys for an initial consultation.

General Litigation

Our lawyers are experienced in representing clients as either plaintiffs or defendants in a wide range of civil litigation cases in such areas as:
     a. Contract disputes such as compliance with contractual obligations arising from purchase or employment contracts;
     b. Elder Abuse in an effort to help protect senior citizens;
     c. Mineral litigation including litigation over the rights relating to production or the royalties to be received;
     d. Property disputes relating to real estate and personal property;
     e. Contested elections;

The Harvey Behme Law Office is located in Mt. Vernon, Illinois and serves clients southern Illinois practicing primarily in the First, Second and Fourth Judicial Circuits.
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